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Injection Moulded Plastic Parts. Consistent quality parts made on energy saving moulding machines. 

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Durable, High Quality Materials

Quality moulds

Exact mould setting, best maintenance, best practice!

24H Operation with Standby Generators

full range of services for all of your mould needs

Part & Mould Design

Our designer and toolmakers with decades of experience can assist and advise you on part design and mould layout, using latest sofware tools.

Mould Construction

Using CNC and conventional milling, surface grinding and spark-erosion, we can build moulds with advanced surfaces, splitlines and geometries to your specifications.

Material Selection

Qualified in Plastics Technology, with decades of experience, we can advise on choosing the right polymer for your application.

Injection Moulding

Using state-of-the-art machinery, coupled with decades of experience in production and quality control we can supply quality parts reliably.

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